1/29 @ Superdeluxe.. Thank You!

I can't express how much it meant to us for so many people showing to see our show in Tokyo.
This was actually our first CD release party and to be honest it was nerve racking due to so much trouble that happened on the day and days leading up to the event. BUT with everyone's support the party turned out great. It was heartwarming and inspirational and I was grateful to have so many fans out there along with my favorite artists that came to participate in our event.

I really think that we had so many challenges that would have made the event impossible if it were not for everyone there who pushed us along!

Also for those of you who were truly worried and come up to us to give us advice on the accident,
Yosh got the hospital after the show and had a full scan and there are no complications other than
some neck pain (he got a brace for that). 

I'd like to introduce once again the artists that helped make the event happen!


  Ayumi http://www.a-live-ayumi.com/ 

  Yaberay http://ameblo.jp/ray-yabe/ 


  Fukuhara http://www.fukuhara.org/ 

  Bruce Osborn http://www.bruceosborn.com/

Live Music:

  Julee Karan http://juleekaran.net/

  Libstems http://www.myspace.com/yosukewada

  Choke SP http://ameblo.jp/chokebeatbox/

Every artist was on a really tight schedule so I'm so glad we were able to get them together for this show!

Just for those of you in Tokyo,
Julee Karan was nominated as the best Jazz vocalist of the year and will be appearing at the 
Billboard show today in midtown!

I don't think I was actually able to say thank you to everyone of you, but from the bottom of my heart
I love you guys! Thanks for showing up and making the party a party!

Special gig on 1/26 in Aoyama/Gaienmae "TSUKIMIRU"

We have a special gig coming up this Tuesday at the TSUKIMIRU!
You've seen great artists play there like Tony Allen , you've seen great VJs like MURO and dancers perform here too.
Lo-Fi will be attending a music event there on the 26th of JAN (TUE) with some great bands:

BIANCA -jazz band unit

CHATTERBOX  -Japanese Rap/Rock/Funk
Yasei Collective  -free style jamband style
North Carolina South Beach  -Japanese Funky Soul/Folk Rock Music

■open/18:00 start/18:30 ■ADV ¥2,000 / DOOR¥2,500(+1 order) 
■for reservations and information please contact: news@lofi-net.com 

Totally irrelevant... but I decided to post an old photo of our poster outside the Fringe in HK!

Please donate to help support relief efforts in Haiti

Haven't been updating my blog for a while now, but after making my own donation
I thought it would be meaningful to spread the word and help out in anyway we can.

Personally I've had bad experiences being badgered by suspicious people asking for donations who take the money nowhere. I've also felt that just donating wasn't enough. That maybe it was just another way to get off feeling guilty or something. But after getting older I've realized that I was being a bit childish.

Now that I have more opportunities to reach out to more people at my concerts or parties etc., I felt the duty of helping people become aware of being more involved in one's community. That community must be very different for many people considering their social background or perspective, but eventually I think everybody will realize that everything is connected and that we are all part of one community.

I feel kinda depressed sometimes when I see the news here in Japan, and have the news caster say in relief "No Japanese were involved in the accident.". I honestly didn't understand what that comment was for. That doesn't change anything. That shouldn't be a relief to anyone when global communities need to support each other to overcome humanities new problems.

Anyway, I'm sure most people have considered donating some money to the relief efforts in Haiti.
It's easy. Holding back on a few movies or nights out, you could probably help save lives.


American Red Cross