Darker Than Blue 2010

The "Darker Than Blue 2010" event this weekend was great! it isn't over yet though. today is the is the last day of the event.

We've played on the beach and in the forest before, but never SO deep in the wilderness. We started playing at dusk and by the time we were into our second song it was dark enough to see the stars.

between songs you could hear the crickets singing too.
it was a really great experience. I must say that aside from the incredible beauty of the forest and autumn atmosphere, the speaker system that was being used for the main band stage was the best system we've ever played through!!!

It was a monitor test for Meyer Sound labs and even the stage monitors were top class. we were actually able to do a rehearsal next to the DJ stage blasting away at full volume...

Next next week we've got the Halloween party coming up on the 31st. The sound design for Darker Than Blue is coming for this show too, so look forward to the sound as well as the mixture of art!


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