Live at beach house Surfer's

Yesterday we had a gig at beach house "Surfer's" on Zushi Beach in Kanagawa Japan.

I lived in the area as a student almost 8 years ago, but never got the chance to hang out on the beaches there before. I must admit I was missing out on a lot!

Last night we performed with Kat, Yutaka, and Aaron-san. Was mostly acoustic style performances, (except for Lo-Fi) and great atmosphere.

I love playing outside, but the beach is really tough on the gear I must say.
We played Surfer's last year in the summer too, and all my stomp boxes were covered in sand. my Amp and cabinet also had to be disassembled for me to clean out the dust and sand from the beach.
The salty moisture really does no good for the instrument finishes or strings either. It's always a blast to play out there, but so much hard work to get the gear back in shape.

Today we're going to play at and event to promote a movie hosted by Moet.
Really the opposite atmosphere of what we did last night!
In the middle of the city / restaurant style... Its our first time playing in the Roppongi Event indoor event space. We'll be doing two sets tonite hope to have fun!

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Beach Party Photos!

6/5 Beach Party in Sendagaya

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Beach party rehearsal

great weather today in Tokyo!
We took a small break from the studio last week so it was great
playing with the band again today!

Today we were rehearsing with a great singer Lisa Halim who'll be playing with us tomorrow at the Beach Party in Sendagaya at the Good Morning Cafe

Lisa and her crew

Yosh & Nori at the rehearsal...

We should be playing from around three tomorrow... It should be a hot day so if all goes well we'll be playing outside!

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