Sight seeing in Kamakura

Very cool place to check out!

I didn't know that they kept the temple area open even pretty late.

I'm a bit dissapponted that we missed the chance to see one of the famous gift stores in that area...!


Surfing Life

Lo-Fi is featured in the DVD of Surfing Life released in Japan on 10th of May!

This is a photo of the DVD that comes with the magazine.
The waves on this DVD are pretty wild... to be honest I didn't know Japan had giant waves like some you can see in the DVD. Anyway this DVD brought the summer a little closer to me than the weather right now in Tokyo.

This is a shot from our gig yesterday!
We had my friend from the Netherlands be our VJ for the night.
It was a mix of some abstract photos paintings and lyrics!
Check his site out:

Hope to see everyone on Friday!

Live tonight at Tsukimiru-Kimiomou!!!

Tonight we've got a special Hip-hop gig at the Tsukimiru-Kimiomou in Gaienmae - Aoyama area of Tokyo.
The details for the venue are here:


We start at 19:25!! Please say "Lo-Fi" at the door to get the special discount