Finally got my stiches out

Last week I got my wisdom teeth taken out so Lo-Fi has some time off from playing live.

We're planning out next show on the 10th of May, so I still got a lotta time to recover.

Now to be honest I had no idea that taking these teeth out were going to be so hard for me. The modern Asian has less jaw space so this makes less room for the teeth when they grow in. People say that this was caused by a shift to more western food and because there is less chewing...

I have this feeling of being very sick when I'm in that hospital room.
Probably because the last two times I was in the hospital I was very sick.
I hope I recover quickly from this stay in the hospital.
I had a lot of thinking time, and I think I was able to work on some
New themes that I wanted to try out with the band.

Can't wait to get back into the studio again.


Lo-Fi will be on INTER-FM 76.1

Inter FM in Japan 76.1 FM has a show in the morning about organic foods, healthy living, pets and music!

Lo-Fi will be on the show tomorrow morning from 6:00 AM (JPN) on 76.1 FM.
This is the link to the show's page (sorry only in Japanese)

The interviews will also be in Japanese so I guess we'll have to report about what we talked about so we can share it with our English speaking fans out there!

Live at Tsukimiru-Kimiomou & Club Asia and new Promo-vid!

I haven't worked on a Lo-Fi video for a long time,
here's a post of our latest video that we made for a magazine DVD special.

We are doing two performances this week one at the Tsukimiru-kimiomou
in Aoyama - Gaienmae area of Tokyo Japan.
This venue has great sound and a nice feel to the place.
The stage is backed by a giant moon!
April 7th from 18:45
Entrance is ¥2000 yen + 1 drink (500 yen)
Here's a link to the venue and map
(click on "access" to see the map)

The next day on the 8th we are doing a performance at CLUB ASIA in Shibuya Japan.
We start playing from 20:00! Entrance is also ¥2000 yen plus one drink.

I hope to see ya'll there!
We are planning to have some special discounts for people who contact us ahead of time.