March 19th at the O-East Shibuya

This month we we're booked for a large scale music event that's going to be held in the O-East stage in Shibuya. This concert hall has a capacity around a thousand so I'm interested to see how large the party is going to turn out.

The artists that are participating are bands and musicians affiliated with the TBS TV show in collaboration with viBirth music distribution on myspace.

The show features an indie artist and other alleged "pros" give them advice about how to shape up their act. For better or for worse Lo-Fi hasn't been privaleged to the honor of taking part in this show.

Many people tell us how it's kind of difficult to push our music/band, 'cause we don't fit snug into the J-Pop scene. Well personally I don't understand how sounding like someone else or sound stereotypically jpop is going to help my music or our listeners but I guess I'll just have to weather this type of common expectation in the music industry now.

We are getting lots of positive feedback from directors or producers event organizers that want to take their projects overseas as well. This is great becaus we think music international and just sound by itself has no borders.
And slowely I guess international-English is becoming the common language in a large part of the world.

Which reminds me I wish I had the ability to sing in more languages. Until then I'll do my best to reach out with the sound.

Well on March 19th we were fortunate enough to have our supporters push us into this event. So if your in town please drop by to catch the music.