New Photo Gallery for Lo-Fi

I decided to upload more of the Lo-Fi photos on the web since we don't have that much up so far...

The link above will take you to an online gallery that has great presentation,
but may be a little frustrating for people who don't like flash type CGI.
Anyway everything is great about this service except for the fact that it restricts your uploads to
20MB per month and that there are no iPhone apps or linking with iPhoto or other applications.

Also, the interface is a bit strange if you try and use it in English since it's made in Japan.
I had to switch the interface to Japanese sometimes to figure out what the menus meant.
I hope as more users start using the system they get all the problems worked out!

We've currently uploaded photos from Hong Kong and some gigs that we have done recently.
We hope to do another gig in the Tokyo area soon!

CDs are in stores...!

Today is the release date for Lo-Fi's new album "Stereo Soul"

The CDs are in the listening machines and I hope word gets out where to get the CDs!
We're still hearing that there's discussion going on about where to display Stereo Soul,
but currently it's in the Japanese Indie band section of Tower Records and HMV.

If your in Shibuya that would be the second floor of the store, next to the information counter
in the far end of the floor. The CDs there are facing the center of the room so I think people will
see the little card we have introducing our album (in Japanese)

The album cover for this CD was created by a combination of textures and some photoshop
to make the Lo-Fi / Stereo Soul letters look like they were stamped into the hemp cloth.

Like the sound of the songs on the album, we really wanted to go for an organic feel
while still being a bit modern. It was really hard deciding what cover would be the best!
We wanted people to have more information about us, but at the same time didn't want
an album cover that was cluttered with face-shots and text.

We've heard some people tell us that the approach we're taking isn't standard in the Japanese
market, but we will see how things turn out. I guess it's best if people get a chance to hear us
live! So we're planning to have even more shows than ever! Look forward to them!

Lo-Fi is back in Tokyo!

Just a quick update...! Lo-Fi is back in Tokyo after doing the three nights in Hong Kong.

We ha two days of live music and painting at the Fringe Club in Central and then one night of jamming and some jazz standards at the Peel Fresco!

We had so much fun in Hong Kong that we really didn't want to leave! But fortunately we have a gig again today in Omotesando Tokyo Japan to bring us back! Anywhere they need our music we want to be there!

Here's a photo I took on my iPhone that I'd like to share!

Goh Hirose

iTunes News!

Lo-Fi is up 8th in the Jazz Album Charts in iTunes Japan!
Thanks for all the support and love to get our music to more people!
I hope people are enjoying the music as much as we are.
After our release our next goal is to get as many live performances as we can, in as many places as possible! If you want us to play in your town let us know, we want to be there!

I guess our new album release has really helped our first album as well!
It's great to see it being downloaded and listened to.

We've just been notified that we are going to play at the BAY QUARTER stage next to Yokohama station on the 19th of December! It's going to be cold, but we'll do our best to keep everybody moving and hot!

Please let your friends know about our band too....!
Here's a link to the iTunes Japan store "Stereo Soul" where you can listen to the sample tracks!

Here's a link to the iTunes store "Stereo Soul" album in the US!